comida árabe kibe
11th Jan

This is arab for me!

You probably have already heard this phrase right? Dude, I’m not following, you are sounding like an Arab! You got it, let’s talk about Arab food today, but first I wanted to get some premeditated concepts about Arab food or

1st Dec

Philly Cheesesteak

1Se você já ouviu falar de um Philly Cheesesteak, parabéns. Se você já comeu um Philly Cheesesteak, excelente! Caso você tenha visitado a Philadelphia e comido um Philly Cheesesteak, meu profundo respeito por você! Okay, okay…Vamos começar de novo. Viemos falar

27th Nov


Okay, the first thing you must be wondering is why Thanksgiving for today’s post. Today’s post will be directed to a much celebrated holiday in the United States and Canada but not so well known here in Brazil (although it is a

10th Feb

Pure Munchies!

Ok, the year started and the Comida Conecta is looking at cool content, new partners for our blog, cool recipes … Up until this part, all good, right? Now while we do this we come across other content from Youtube