8th Jun

Anthony Bourdain

Hello Comida Conecta! You may have seen this name before in a past post, but the reality is that we are writing today about the chef, writer and owner of a brilliant mind, Anthony Bourdain, who passed away at age

27th Nov


Okay, the first thing you must be wondering is why Thanksgiving for today’s post. Today’s post will be directed to a much celebrated holiday in the United States and Canada but not so well known here in Brazil (although it is a

4th Jul

Gua Bao – Ahn!?

Today we are going to talk about Asian cuisine. No, it’s not sushi, nor sashimi. To be honest, neither is Japanese. Gua Bao, at least according to our dear internet, it means cut bread, in Chinese. You, our dear reader, who

19th Jun


We spent time away due to some issues but we are back today to talk about authentic Colombian food. We had contact with the Macondo Raízes Colombianas, a nice food truck at night in an unexpected place (supermarket parking lot, close

27th May

Inspiração – Chefs ao redor do mundo

Inspiração – Chefs ao redor do mundo Pensei em fazer este post logo no início do blog para mostrar um pouco da inspiração que me levou a criá-lo (claro que é apenas uma parte dela). Aqui buscarei mostrar algumas das