26th Feb

Rinconcito Peruano

Today, Comida Conecta will speak about a piece of Peru within the city of São Paulo, Rinconcito Peruano. Not everyone knows this restaurant, which already has 5 units in the capital of São Paulo and has an authentic and delicious menu.

I personally have not had the chance to go to Peru yet, but Natsumi Miyazawa had the chance to spend a few days in Lima after meeting other countries in the region.

“Lima is a big city, I found it very modern, as well as crammed with food, lots of ceviche and seafood.”

Back to Rinconcito Peruano, it worths the time to check Edgard Villar story, restaurant founded and owner.

Until today, in downtown São Paulo, you will find Peruvians, Bolivians and so many other immigrants selling handicrafts, working in confections and trying to survive in the metropolis.

The first restaurant was born in Rua Aurora, that for those who do not know the region, honestly it is not one of the most beautiful in the city, but the menu shows that the prices are affordable and the portions well served. On the walls the decor is of paintings with local features.

Seriously, do not expect luxury, it is a restaurant that serves many people on weekdays and was full when we went.


Most people associate Peru with Ceviche, we decided to order a portion, along with a Chicharrón de Pescado (fish with a very dry and crispy fry with French fries and an accompaniment of onion and tomato) and Chaufa Rice with Meat (for me, a delicious risoto with meat, scallions, scrambled egg and a wonderful wonderful).


To solve any sign of hungryness, Lomo Saltado, our well known filet mignon with onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes submerged in a wonderful broth.

The Ceviche picture was better with the website link of the restaurant, the others we took the same day. In four good eaters, nothing was left on the dishes. Excellent portion size.

What is worth at this restaurant is the fact of being completely authentic, we did not find a Brazilian working there. All the local staff was striving to speak Portuguese and served everyone very well.

To wrap it up, try to drink, with eyes shut, Chicha Morada. In full English, purple corn juice with spices. Purple corn? YES. Purple.

Take a look and you will find that not only corn (along with wheat too) gave rise to beers, but that in the region of the Latin tropics, it is born in several colors.

Chicha Morada is made with this purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, cloves, seasonings and in some cases apples.

Seriously, I can not exactly describe the taste, but to me, ashamed, tastes like tutti-frutti chewing gum. Do not take it badly, it is refreshing, spicy and tasty. Must try!

I hope you have enjoyed it, there are other places of Peruvian, Bolivian, South American cuisine in Brazil that are worth trying, feel free to comment here!
To the next!

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